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What is “hypnosis”?


Hypnosis is a combination of trance and suggestions. It is an altered state of awareness or consciousness. It is used when a client wants to make a specific change in their life.

Trance is a natural state of mind and we all spend time in trance on a daily basis. Every time you daydream, and every time you drive home and cannot quite remember how you got there, you have been in a trance. This is a relaxed state of mind, which makes hypnosis a very pleasant experience.

During this state of relaxation suggestions made are more effective and it is this, which makes hypnosis a powerful and successful therapy for many conditions.

It is important to understand that no one can be hypnotised against their will or do anything against their will. The client remains in control of the process.

I use a very specific method called “Rapid Transformational Therapy”.


MPM logoI have trained with Marisa Peer, who has been voted Britain’s Best Therapist and is a world renowned speaker, author and therapist. This method is phenomenal and I have seen things with my own eyes, which I thought cannot be possible.

 Since starting to practice this method I have had amazing success, such as a client whose psoriasis cleared within 3 weeks. Another client is now firmly in control of her eating habits, beginning to shed weight easily and effortlessly.

I could give you many more examples of the amazing success with this method and you can find a list of possible issues I can deal with.


Anxiety and stress are obvious examples, but also physical conditions such as IBS and psoriasis can very successfully be treated with hypnosis.

Psychological and Emotional issues hypnosis can help are numerous and include:

  • Phobias
  • Addictions, including smoking, alcohol and gambling as well as shopping
  • Anxiety and Stress conditions
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Personal Development
  • Insomnia and Sleep problems
  • Weight control
  • General Performance Enhancement
  • Habits such as nail biting
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Managing personal crises such as divorce, coping with illness or redundancy


What happens during a session?

At the beginning of treatment both client and therapist establish what the goal of the treatment is and then work together to achieve this goal.

A session is usually between 90 minutes and 2 hours long. During hypnosis the client will be in a very relaxed state of body and mind, which makes the mind more open to change. Generally the client remains aware of the surroundings and also clearly hears what the therapist says and can chose to come out of hypnosis should they chose to do so.

There are deeper levels of trance, but in general these are not needed for most types of issues.

At the end of the session the client gently returns to a normal waking state, which is followed by a review of what was experienced during the session.


How many sessions are needed?

In most cases only one session is needed to identify the root cause of the problem. Once this has been identified it can be removed or reframed so its effect is removed from your life and whatever the issue is, generally resolves.

You can compare this to weeding. As long as you don’t get to the root of the weed it will continue to grow. Once the root is removed, the weed is gone.

Sometimes, in complex cases or with multiple issues, more than one session is required.

Please get in touch to book a session or enquire should you have any more questions.