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About Me

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marittamugshotMy name is Dr Maritta Philp and I have had a lifelong interest in people and healing. My journey has taken me many places, encountering many challenges and opportunities to grow.

As a practising GP I am very much aware of the importance of physical health and well-being. In addition to that I have come to realise the importance of our thinking, our focus and our beliefs in determining how we feel both physically as well as mentally. Very often these can be very deep rooted and we might not even be aware of them, yet they have a powerful influence over our life.

My own journey has taken me to explore a variety of approaches to health and healing, from studying medicine, remedial massage therapy and aromatherapy, NLP, coaching, hypnosis and psychotherapy as well as Theta healing and becoming a shamanic practitioner.

My current work is quite varied, as I work part time as a General Practitioner, and in addition to this have a private psychotherapy practice seeing clients on a one to one basis. I also love teaching and run workshops and evening classes.

I would be delighted to answer any of your queries. Please get in touch if you would like to know more or have any questions.

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